Unholy Warrior E-book $0.99 on Google Play Books

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A Five-star Review of Unholy Warrior:  Not For the Faint-hearted, So Be Warned

“If I had one word to describe this novel, I think “visceral” suits pretty well. Rebane is a great character, a tough young woman who faces almost impossible odds in escaping the clutches of the psychotic Major Weisser.

Set in a sparse, wintry landscape that emphasizes the post-apocalyptic world, I’m not kidding when I say this is heart-pounding stuff. The chase across the snowy wasteland begins after two ugly (and very well-written) torture and rape scenes respectively, as Weisser attempts to exert his power over her. I’m afraid to say I kind of read these through my fingers. Even so, they didn’t feel gratuitous. I’m glad the author went there boldly, but they are not for the faint-hearted so be warned.

The author has obviously meticulously researched her subject and convincingly creates the armed forces, their techniques and weaponry, without going into tedious detail. Rebane may be small but she is a true soldier. She takes a beating and comes out fighting but she isn’t devoid of humanity. She believes in the ancient deities of her homeland and befriends a young woman who should have been an enemy.

In the end, this is a bleakly beautiful novel of survival, of a strong female character using her wits and skills to evade the men pursuing her, who puts her trust in the right person and heeds the wise guidance of her Nordic beliefs. Rebane is an ultra-modern role model for the unpredictable world we live in, and the author is definitely one to watch.”

Jayne Lockwood, Author and book blogger

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