About Rebecka Jäger

Arctic_meI’m a forty-something writer from Finland. I have an MA in History, and War is my favorite subject of research. I have worked as an IT specialist, Project Manager, and a Radiographer. I’ve raised Siberian husky dogs and competed in sleigh dog races. I love the arctic nature. I’m a passionate hunter and gun enthusiast.

I am a dedicated fan of the action-packed novels of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, but also love the subtle way of building suspense which the ultimate grand master of spy novels- John LeCarre uses. My favorite writer is George Orwell with his bone-chilling 1984. I’ve always loved dystopian literature for its flavor of drab realism.

The future has its roots in the past and humanity will never learn. Aggression runs deep inside our genome. That’s what has made us the top of the food chain: the ruling species which can kill and torture at will.

But great gifts come with great responsibility- something we haven’t learned yet.