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Rebecka Jäger was born in Northern Finland. She studied history at the University of Helsinki and screenwriting at Aalto University’s Department of Film, Television, and Scenography.

She wrote professional texts throughout her career but decided to learn the delicate art of writing fiction later on. She mastered the craft in different writer’s workshops—always keen to become a better writer.

Her work ranges from dystopian to historical and stays mostly within the thriller genre. She is a passionate hunter and musher. Arctic nature is a recurring theme in her writing.

As a dedicated fan of action-packed novels she loves Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, but also the subtle way of building suspense which the ultimate grand master of spy novels—John LeCarre uses. Her favorite writer will always be George Orwell with his bone-chilling 1984: an evergreen classic of dystopian literature.

“The future roots in the past and humanity may never learn. Aggression runs deep inside our genome. That’s what keeps us at the top of the food chain: as the ruling species which can kill and torture at will. Great gifts come with great responsibility—something we haven’t learned yet.”

—Rebecka Jäger

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