Short Stories

Touch of Heaven

Length: 5 pages, available on Amazon Kindle and Bookfunnel

What others thought about “Touch of heaven:”

“The Touch of Heaven is a skillfully written story that takes the reader inside a world few have ever seen. It flows naturally, and although there is no real conversation, her protagonist conveys thoughts in a manner that is both touching and insightful. It’s very informative but written in a manner that is entertaining, instead of the drudgery we are often subjected to. As writers, we are repeatedly told: “Show, don’t tell.” Ms. Jäger does this well by using other senses, in a way that conveys more meaning than most dialogue. A Touch of Heaven is an apt name for this tale.” — Barbara Smith, Writer, San Antonio, TX.

“This story takes you on a wonderful ride somewhere in Northern Finland.  It captures the essence of a Night Safari ride with Siberian Huskies.  I love the part about the old Finnish legend the Aurora Borealis.  This is one of those stories you want to read at a family gathering.” — Nia Ellis, Writer.

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