Unholy Warrior

Damn! This was one hell of a story! 
“Imagine the Mad Max type of action set on a wintry landscape with a bad-ass female lead. Add in a pinch of Finnish legends and myths, top them up with a good number of raw, gut-wrenching torture scenes and serve them in a vivid first person POV and there you go! Unholy Warrior – A book I read in one sitting while biting my nails.”– Laura D. Child, Book Blogger

Conjuror Of Evil

Conjuror of Evil is the first book in the Cursed and the Damned Series by Rebecka Jager and Stephanie Colbert.

“It’s in the thriller genre, and the monster is a demon who has a nasty habit of burning people to a crisp. Elli is the main character of the first part of the book, and she comes into contact with the demon Marchosias in Germany during World War II when a Jewish man is trying to harness the demon’s powers against the Nazis. She is sent to a Nazi prison for not giving them information and is tortured and abused until the prison is liberated by Russians. Rayne is the main character of the second part of the book, and she’s the granddaughter of Elli. She’s thrown into hunting down the demon and following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother when her boyfriend’s father is murdered, and she is the main suspect. The story is fast-paced and riveting. Readers of thriller and science fiction will love it!”