The Warrior Heroine

The Multilayered Protagonist of Unholy Warrior: Rebane Nordstrom

Rebane Nordstrom, a female sniper in the Russian Federation’s army, originates from the Siberian Yamal Peninsula. She’s a Nenets—raised by her Finnish stepdad. The duo survived a nuclear holocaust by hiding in the frozen outback which stretches desolate over former Scandinavia. Growing up, Rebane seeks adventure. She joins the Russian army in a fight against the European Union which threatens to devour the continent. After a sniping job gone sour, she faces interrogation and torture in the hands of a powerful opponent: Weisser. For him, she is an assassin, a dangerous terrorist who must be hunted down at all costs.

She finds anonymity in a desolate place; in the far North behind the radiation-ridden outback of the invisible Zone. But her enemy never gives up and he will find her when frontlines fluctuate and the cover of extreme cold retreats. The power of friendship and the brutal beauty of the arctic nature are on her side.

Rebecka Jäger’s detailed, well-formed protagonist can appear too strong at times, but she has a soft human heart with believable weaknesses. Rebane knows what’s right. This sense of justice sets her above the cruel, resolute man who hunts her. Major Aldrich Weisser is an apparently civilized man, who has a brutal, violent core. He will do anything to get her: to mend his mistake of letting her fool him. He is the ultimate antagonist: impossible to topple until the last pages unfold with a great battle between David and Goliath. Rebane must face her darkest demon from the depths of her POW experience, and she cannot survive without help.

Because the protagonist is a woman, Rebecka Jäger depicts the bloody features of future war from her perspective. What happens to women in most conflict zones, isn’t civilized but girls are strong, they are even stronger together. This is a lesson which Rebane learns when she saves the life of a young German woman: Liva Löwe who is a healer with many aces up her sleeve, despite her young age. Liva will lead Rebane to salvation and to the utmost danger.

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