Book Cover Design by Rebecka Jäger

Rebecka Jäger worked for an advertising company, designing web pages and print products. She is a published author and an IT professional who understands the book cover design needs of fellow writers.

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Buried Secrets is a mystery novel from Krissy Baccaro. 

Ebook early release: April 29th, paperback and hardcover: available on May 13th. 

About the cover design process: 

“A partnership – I wanted a designer who would work with me, understanding that as a new author, I may need some advice, honesty, and guidance on several decisions related to my cover. I knew I needed to come prepared as well.” – Krissy Baccaro, author

See what she has to say about working with Rebecka Jäger to produce the book cover and social media images for Buried Secrets:

"Rebecka Jäger designs book covers for all genres."

The price range of her work depends on:

  • Do you plan to publish an ebook or audiobook?
  • Do you need comprehensive print product packages for a publishing company?
  • Extensive image manipulation: combining photos, creating effects or drawing your main character…
  • Do you want unique artwork on the cover or does a picture from an image bank suffice?
  • Rebecka Jäger uses quality photos from IStock
  • The extent of the web artwork (banners, social media images with different proportions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.)
  • Banner sizes differ (web hosting company, the theme template you select and so on). Rebecka Jäger designs web advertising which downloads fast but looks beautiful.
  • The redesigns needed for print products: the work hour count of a designer depends on how much experience the author has with the printing press. If you already possess the final cover template for your book (set proportions and format, ISBN, barcode, etc.) the designer’s work becomes easier.
  • If you don’t yet know who is going to publish your book, or you haven’t chosen an indie platform, Rebecka Jäger can design a mock cover. This way you see the color scheme and the layout of your book. As you decide on the final publication, she will adjust the cover into the final book cover template which Ingram Sparks, Lulu or Amazon KDP provides.
  • Writing the blurb and author bio: describing your own book can be tricky. What should you say about your writing skills? Ask the designer for help. Sometimes the outsider writes the nicest blurbs.
"Because I'm an author myself, I know how complicated self-publishing is for a first-time writer. I offer help on every step and provide simple instructions."

She designs:

  • E-book covers for Amazon and other digital bookstores
  • Paperback covers
  • Hardcovers with several binding, case and jacket options
  • Book boxes and packages, merchandise
  • Audiobook covers
  • Logos
  • Website graphics
  • Advertising for social media

You can contact Rebecka Jäger about your project by filling your contact information into the fields below. She agrees on the price of her services before she starts working on your book cover.

"If you need an opinion or advice, it's free. Rebecka Jäger loves to help other authors. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for writing & plotting advice."

What You Need To Know About Book Covers

Amazon E-books

Amazon e-book formatting guide:

Your cover must be a single PDF that includes the back cover, spine, and front cover as one image. Your cover must also include bleed.

Sizes and settings for paperbacks on Amazon:

Other Vendors

More information on e-book sellers:

Printing paperbacks and hardcovers with Ingram Sparks:


Before any of the design work starts, you must make up your mind on several matters.

  1. Do you want to feature your main character or characters on the cover? If the answer is yes, you must know what the hero wears and how the heroine loves to braid her hair. What is the Main Character’s weapon of choice? Remember that nobody knows your sassy protagonist like you do. 
  2. Setting/ the background. Do you have an essential place in your book which could work as the backdrop of the cover? Decide on weather, time of day, geography…and so on.
  3. Do you have a color scheme or other preferences? Which matches your idea of a cover style: magical, sparkly, dark, futuristic, dystopian? Bright light or a sharp contrast?
  4. What are the themes of your book? Which genre? Do you want a traditional cover or something which will stand out among your numerous competitors?
  5. Do you have symbols that could make a different cover?
  6. What fonts do you like? What is your subtitle?
  7. Author bio: you need an introduction to the back cover. Why would people read a book by you? Who are you as a writer?
  8. Blurb!! This is important. Why would the readers love your book? Write the blurb for the ideal reader.
  9. Provide the artist a defining moment from your book. Do you want this moment portrayed on the cover?
  10.  If you adore some book cover, define what is so great about it? Fonts, image, design, style?

More about book cover design: