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Unholy Warrior is available on major book retailers in november 2020 as ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Rebane Nordstrom, a sniper in the ranks of an elite reconnaissance unit, doesn’t know how to give up … ever. She escapes captivity and avoids being blackmailed into becoming a double agent. A race across the frozen, post-apocalyptic badlands starts, but the man hunting her shall stop at nothing.

No woman is an island, not even one as capable as Rebane. She saves a teenager named Liva, and an alliance forms between the desperate women from the opposite sides of the conflict. As the Russian Federation and the European Union head toward the final battle for diminishing resources, Liva proves to have aces up her sleeve.

Totem animals and spirits have their role in the surprise outcome of this spy thriller. Where extreme weather wipes out entire armies, heeding an omen can spare your life.

Romance Kills Out Now


A “Heartless” serial killer has brutally murdered three Romance Novelists on the verge of their breakthrough. The victims died after being stabbed through the heart. Why butcher romance novelists? Has someone he cared about hurt the killer?

Three private investigators decide to fight back, and the women meet in colorful, eccentric New Orleans. They must stop this madman before he strikes again, but are they willing to risk their own lives?

The story is a collaboration of three authors: Stephanie Colbert, Schuyler Pulliam and yours truly. Each of use wrote the point-of-view of one character. Amber Buford is mine.

Only $ 2,19 for forty pages of suspense!


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A new book in the making

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Conjurer of Evil is a supernatural thriller and a collaboration with Stephanie Colbert.

I write part I:

Elli Becker believes she has landed a dream job as a trainee in the SS Helferinnen women’s Korps. The year is 1941, and seventeen-year-old Elli soon struggles with Nazi ideology as she sees Jewish families evicted and beaten on the streets of Berlin.

A set of supernatural occurrences leads her to track the demon assassin Marchosias. The race to command The King of Killers starts, but he executes impossible assassinations and escapes without traces. A Jewish man Josef Leinkraum is the only clue, and he went underground to dodge arrest.

Elli sacrifices everything and ends up on the wrong side for a young German woman. The Gestapo agents close in on her. Defeating the demon Marchosias takes several generations of Elli’s descendants and a journey across continents. A teaser from the Conjurer of Evil coming soon!

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