The Unholy Warrior

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My novel has the key features of a post-apocalyptic thriller with battle, spies, and snipers.

The setting is Europe twenty-five years after the nuclear holocaust. The Russian Federation and The European Union fight each other with nail and teeth. Nuclear weapons are extinct, and the EMP destroyed everything digital, but the race to manufacture new A-bombs is on.

Scattered, independent societies exist on the fringes of ever-fluctuating frontlines, in the hollow cold outback of The Invisible Zone. The Zone is a  frozen hell where people risk hypothermia and radiation sickness. Refugees, deserters, wanted persons, and slave traders congregate there- beyond the clutches of the two authoritarian empires.

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A Multilayered Protagonist- The Story of Rebane Nordstrom

Rebane Nordstrom is a female soldier in the Russian army.

She’s originally from the Siberian Yamal Peninsula. She’s a Nenets woman who was raised by her Finnish stepdad, Pertti Nordstrom, from the age of four. They survived the nuclear holocaust by hiding in the arctic deserts. Growing up, Rebane seeks adventure and escape. She joins the Russian army in a fight against the European Union. She is imprisoned after a sniping job gone very wrong and immersed in the horrors of interrogation and torture. Rebane struggles to escape from captivity

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Apocalyptic landscape

My book is an action-packed thriller, set up in a dystopian future of a dog-eat-dog world. I am good with detailed action and know my weapons, close combat etc., so fans of action find themselves at home with my story.

People still search for love and friendship- they dream and do impossible things to survive. The backdrop of wild nature- which conquers the land vacated by humanity’s demise- is painted with vivid detail and encases the theme of my book; that war is a perpetual type of human intercourse- as old as we are- and we cannot stop fighting each other.

Because my protagonist is a woman, I depict the bloody features of war and being a POW from her perspective. What happens to women in most conflict zones, isn’t pretty or civilized. #MeToo should have been invented thousands of years ago. But girls are strong, they are stronger together. This is a lesson which Rebane learns when she saves the life of a young German woman: Liva Löwe. She is a healer with many aces up her sleeve, despite her young age. Liva will lead Rebane to salvation and to the utmost danger.

My book has many elements familiar from the books of Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy, but my setting is unique, and I have a solid knowledge of 20th-century history to back up my visions of a realistic, believable course of future. George Orwell, with his 1984, is my favorite author, and I strive to reach his level of believable characters and intense conflict which draws the reader into a spiral of death and suspense.

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