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My upcoming book has the key features of a post-apocalyptic thriller: battle, spies, and the desperate alliance of two women from the opposite sides of the war. This is Mad Max- Fury Road in the blood-thirsty, arctic wasteland. The setting is frozen Europe, twenty-five years after the nuclear holocaust. The Russian Federation and The European Union fight each other with nail and teeth.

My heroine is a POW in a post-apocalyptic war. She escapes prison and avoids being blackmailed into becoming a double agent. She roams the northern outback and saves a young enemy woman who will lead her to grave danger- and save her ass. The story has a spiritual heart, and where the rifle clicks on empty, ancient gods and animal spirits rise to save the day.

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A Multilayered Protagonist- The Story of Rebane Nordstrom

Rebane Nordstrom is a female soldier in the Russian army.

She’s from the Siberian Yamal Peninsula. She’s a Nenets woman who was raised by her Finnish stepdad, Pertti Nordstrom, from the age of four. They survived the nuclear holocaust by hiding in the arctic deserts. Growing up, Rebane seeks adventure and escape. She joins the Russian army in a fight against the European Union. She is imprisoned after a sniping job gone very wrong and immersed in the horrors of interrogation and torture. Rebane struggles to escape from captivity

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My new short story Touch of Heaven is on sale at Amazon Kindle

This story takes you on a wonderful Night Safari ride with Siberian Huskies. It captures the essence of the Aurora Borealis and transports you into the magical world of northern Finland.

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