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Writer Rebecka Jager

How do you survive the apocalypse? If you mean nuclear war, stay inside (preferably behind multiple walls of concrete) for 48 hours. After that, the radiation from an a-bomb has reduced to a mere fraction from the original dose. When it comes to radioactive pollution, time and distance are of the essence. Put distance between yourself and the source, spend as little time as possible in radioactive places. Don’t eat or drink contaminated food. Wash your hair and change clothes when you get to safety. For more post-apocalyptic survival adventures, grab a copy of Unholy Warrior.

Besides the Warriors of Apocalypse book series, Finnish author, Rebecka Jäger writes dystopian books. She also blogs about writing Arctic nature is a recurring theme in her writing.

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Born in the Northern part of Finland, known as Lapland, she embraced the arctic temperatures and became an avid musher and skilled markswoman—a necessary skill when hunting for food. She studied history at the University of Helsinki and screenwriting at Aalto University’s Department of Film, Television, and Scenography.

As a dedicated fan of action-packed novels, she loves Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, but also the subtle way of building suspense used by the ultimate grandmaster of spy novels—John LeCarre. Her favorite writer will always be George Orwell with his bone-chilling 1984: an evergreen classic of dystopian literature.

Rebecka Jäger latest interview by AllAuthor Author of fiction and thriller books, Rebecka Jäger Writer was born in Northern Finland. She wrote her first story at the age of eight or nine. Her dream is to put her books in the hands of readers. Her story engages you from the get-go and doesn’t let up. Her imagery and descriptions are incredible. Read full interview…