Conjuror of Evil: Book One of The Cursed and The Damned Series

Can three generations of demon huntresses stop the ancient Marquis of Hell, Marchosias? During World War II, this powerful demon surfaces, and the Nazis attempt to bind him to their service. Young Elli Becker, a member of the German Resistance, knows too much for her own good. When Marchosias’ path crosses with hers, she gets tangled into a web of conspiracy and Kabbalah magic. The Gestapo agents close in on her, and the quest to stop the supernatural serial killer ends in disaster. But a real fighter never accepts defeat. Once she discovers Marchosias operates in the United States, she marries one of the American soldiers that liberated her from a Gestapo prison. Elli follows the trail that threatens to run cold. She teams up with another hunter, learns to slay witches, semi-gods, vampires, and unknown entities that roam the earth.

The year is 1999. Rayne Parker needs to escape the world of the occult. She cuts ties with her grandmother, Elli, and tries to forget the legacy of her deceased mother, Angelika. As a Private Detective living in Philadelphia, Rayne finds happiness with her boyfriend, Liam. When the ghoulish Lucinda Deveraux walks into her office one day, the painful history resurrects. Lucinda believes Rayne is the one to stop Marchosias and offers a staggering reward of $100,000. But no amount of cash will lure Rayne back to the world she denies exists. Thrown out of the sharp-tongued PI’s office, the woman makes a prediction that could change Rayne’s life forever. Will it come true? And will the grandmother she tried to forget have the answers she needs to learn the truth? The world’s fate is at stake, but so is Rayne’s.


Rebecka Jäger

Born in the Northern part of Finland, known as Lapland, the countryside’s beauty taught Mrs. Jäger how to create a vivid setting.  She studied history at the University of Helsinki and screenwriting at Aalto University’s Department of Film, Television, and Scenography. She recently published Unholy Warrior, a post-apocalyptic spy thriller. Her books stay mainly within the thriller genre.

Stephanie Colbert

Stephanie Colbert spent most of her youth in Europe, where her experiences helped fuel her active imagination. She is the author of the non-fiction COVID- related Splintered Reality and several crime thrillers her readers love. Her characters are relatable, and her books make you guess who the murderer is until the very end. She now resides in Texas and has two grown daughters and a patient, loving husband. Her two rescue dogs keep her company.