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Stephanie Colbert

413w2yTcF8L.jpg“I have been an avid reader since my youth and enjoy most genres. I remember many times when I stayed up the all night in order to finish a book that had captured my imagination. I believe this passion is directly influential in my love of writing. In college, I was an English major and took every writing course I could. One of my teachers, a published author, told me I should pursue my writing but it has only been recently that I have been able to.”

“I have so many ideas and so many stories to tell that I can’t wait to put on paper. My books are professionally critiqued and edited in order to provide the best reading experiences.”


Check out her website

She has published many books which you can download from Amazon.


Susan J. Liddle 

Susan is a Writer, Editor, and Translator (French to English). She’s also a
Blogger at

lady_luck_coverHer text flows like smooth velvet. Her stories will surprise you, and warm your heart.

About Susan:

“The glass is always full of something. I’m addicted to stories and expect happy endings. I get to play with words as an editor, translator, blogger and short story writer.”

“I strive to be honest and kind.”

Read Susan’s wonderful short story Lady Luck Meets Her Match:

You can also download it free from Barnes & NobleKobo and Draft2Digital.

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